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Defining different TSM options for multiple DB2 instances

I had been struggling with an obscure problem recently. I needed to set up several DB2 instances on a Microsoft Cluster Server and configure them for TSM backup and log archiving. That would have been a relatively easy task if it were not for the fact that those instances belonged to different cluster resource groups. Each group had its own virtual IP address and host name, and could be brought online or moved to another cluster node independently. For this reason each resource group required a separate TSM node defined for it, which, in turn, called for a separate set of TSM configuration options.

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HTML documentation for a database schema

table Some time ago I was looking for a “quick and dirty” way of generating HTML documentation of one of my clients’ database schema. I didn’t need an ER diagram – just a list of tables to insert into a word document. At that time TOAD for DB2 did not exist, so I could not use it for my purpose.

Eventually, I ended up creating a simple solution for that simple problem, using a SQL script fetching information from the database catalog and an XSL template to transform its output into HTML, similar to this.
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Fixpak 14 for DB2 UDB v8 is out

It contains, among other things, a fix for the Daylight Savings Time (DST) change. USA and Canada will change the effective date of DST in March, 2007. By that time you should make sure the operating system supports the change and install the fixpak. This also concerns DB2 9, for which Fixpak 2 is available.

The complete list of fixes can be found here.