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Downloading the logrotate script

I’ve been receiving comments recently from readers who have problems opening the logrotate archive. I did check (and re-check) the archive, and I’m absolutely positive that the URL is correct and the file is not corrupt and can be downloaded and opened. The only problem I can see is that when you use Internet Explorer (at least IE6 – did not try it with other version) to download the file, it gets renamed to “logrotatew.tar.tar” for some reason. Apparently, Explorer does not like the original “.tar.gz” extension.

If that happens to you make sure that you rename the downloaded file back to “logrotatew.tar.gz”; after that bsdtar, WinZip, gunzip, and other utilities will know how to deal with the file. As an example, here’s how to use bsdtar if you saved the file in c:\temp:

bsdtar -xvzf c:\temp\logrotatew.tar.gz

2 Responses to Downloading the logrotate script

  1. Sam Chetty says:

    Hi, I like to download logrotate. Can you give the access ?


  2. nick says:

    No special access is required – the link is there http://www.datori.org/?p=7

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