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Column-organized tables in DB2? Why not! Check out the IBM DB2 Technology Preview

A technology preview program for the potential new features in IBM DB2 was announced today: IBM DB2 Technology Preview

You can explore what DB2 developers are working on and provide direct feedback. In this installment: column-organized tables, a feature that may benefits performance of analytical and other data warehouse-type workloads.

In a column-organized table values of a single table column are stored sequentially in a particular page on disk. This is contrary to the regular, row-organized tables, where all columns of each row are stored sequentially, and one or more complete rows are placed on a particular page.

Columnar organization of a table benefits queries that access a significant portion or all rows in the table but only reference few columns.

Of course, there is no certainty about when or even whether this will actually be a part of DB2 Data Server, but the technology preview program gives you the opportunity to influence future directions of DB2.

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